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CanTRA Services

CanTRA offers therapeutic riding services through our network of over 80 Accredited Centres in Canada and Bermuda.

CanTRA is a member of Horses in Education and Therapy International (HETI) and is recognized as the only governing body for therapeutic riding in Canada. Our certification program provides the knowledge and tools to enable each member centre to ensure excellence in service delivery. There are now 80 plus member centres across Canada (and Bermuda) providing high quality therapeutic, recreation, life skills and sport programs.


The word ‘hippotherapy’ comes from the greek ‘hippos’ meaning horse and ‘therapy’ meaning care. Thus, hippotherapy is the utilization of the horse for therapeutic purposes rather than equestrian goals. This field targets acquisition of motor pre-requisites rather than equestrian abilities. Hippotherapy is a rehabilitation strategy using a mobile and live instrument called ‘horse.’ The horse possesses motor and emotional, neuro-sensitive stimulation qualities never equaled by a machine.

Instructor Training and Certification

The objective of the CanTRA certification program is to produce instructors capable of giving knowledgeable, safe and enjoyable riding instruction to people with disabilities. The Certification registration form must be completed and submitted in order to register for any level of CanTRA certification.

Centre Accreditation

  • A National Insurance Policy
  • Annual CanTRA Awards program
  • Equine -Facilitated Wellness program
  • Hippotherapy program
  • Instructor Certification
  • Support Services for candidate instructors
  • Centre Accreditation program
  • Resource Manual for new and established therapeutic riding programs
  • CanTRA Caller and CanTRA Communiqué semi-annual newsletters
  • Information through eBulletins
  • Conferences, Workshops and Seminars