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Centre Accreditation

Provisional Centre

  • Resource manual provided with application fee
  • Designation may last for two years
  • Mentoring available
  • Risk Management Evaluation (RME) forms made available to “self evaluate”
  • Once all requirements are in place the form and specific photographs are submitted
  • CanTRA personnel will complete a formal accreditation visit

Accredited Centre

  • All safety standards will be in place
  • Instructors will be CanTRA certified
  • Lessons will be observed
  • If centre does not hold CanTRA insurance the existing policy must be submitted for review to ensure it meets CanTRA criteria

Accredited Examination Centre

  • Centre has at least one CTRSI, preferably more and should have several CTRII/CTRBI’s
  • Centre has been offering programs for many years and is well established
  • Meets all CanTRA requirements for an examination centre (see resource manual)

Accredited Instructor Training and Examination Centre

  • Meets all the required national safety standards
  • Centre has ongoing access to a CanTRA examiner who provides and oversees the instructor training and is able to provide training, support and supervision to candidates for an extended period of time
  • Has a team of CTRSI/CTRII’s that are available as mentors on a daily full time basis
  • In addition the examiner ensures that the centre staff instructors have on going mentoring and updating